The magic and the enigma of tango


Unique Videos

Probably these are the first videos that were filmed within the organization of Tango Norte. Dancers are: Guje & Jonas, Mathais & Ulla, Daniel & Carina, Lotte R & Sabina, Tommy & Cristina, Per & Eva and Ruben &Jessica

The first exhibitions that were filmed

The first video is historical because it must be the first exhibition that was filmed in 1999 (Eugenia & Leo). And Gavitos performance in Alvik and Susana Millers performance in Brunsgatan are also are among the first that were recorded

Eugenia & Leo

This couple has visited Stockholm many times. Exhibitions with art

Osvaldo Roldan

Roldan has vistited Tango Norte many times. His milonguero style was highly appreciated

Other Tango Visits

During the long history of Tango Norte, many visitors from abroad have come to Stockholm. Below a few examples

Most of these videos are old and therefore their quality is not the best. However they are here because they are part of a story: The history of North Tango of Stockholm

Known Profiles

Below some who have been dancing for a long time in Stockholm (Tango Norte) and are still active