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Belle & El Pajaro

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Soon, these videos will be available



Soon, two very special videos about Tango & Stockholm. Do not miss it!

Tango in Stockholm

In Stockholm the tango is danced since over 25 years. But only the last 10-12 years that this dance has been documented in the form of videos. Here you can see unforgettable tango performances as a memory of a cultural heritage.

Unique Videos from Stockholm


Susana MIller in Stockholm 2002

Gavito in Stockholm 2003


Elina Roldan & El Pibe in Stockholm 2004


Leo & Eugenia in Stockholm 2006


There are more several unique performances that have taken place Stockholm. Do not miss it! Come back !


Tango på Söder

For some reason the south (Söder) of central Stockholm has become the heart of tango. Currently, there are, at least, four Milongas in this area. The South has had a long tradition of being a bohemian tavern place in the capital. Then it is perhaps not surprising that Tango has been established here. Learn more about this exciting area 



CLUB Decadent

With the vision of tango to create new forms and established in a mixed crowd with both dancers and newcomers, we describe new images of the fine subculture. CLUB Decadent invites to refined, degenerated, earnest and uncompromising tango evenings where the Argentine tango limits are widen. Visitors are welcome regardless of dancing ability, hang at the bar and sipping on mood, or most of all: dance dance floor especially accompanied by tango musical dinosaurs.

 Tango amor

Tango Amor

Our passion is communication! We love the language without words of tango. We want to share our joy of dance and offer classes, milongas and events in Argentinian tango.

Tango courses, social dance, milongas, shows! Welcome to Stockholm!


 Rost Tango Stockholm

Tango del Sur (Rost Stockholm)

Now it's time to try again. Not on “Kafe Tjärlek” (another tango place in the South that no longer exists), but Rost Stockholm, a cozy south tavern-like atmosphere. We will throng with the usual guests, inspire them to start dancing. The dance floor is small and cramped, the food good and the beer cold 

 El Tango Brujo

El Tango Brujo

El Tango Brujo, the new Milonga in the South. Cozy, friendly and central place of the South. This environment is inviting to a relaxed and familiar intercourse. We want to affirm Tangos diversity, both through music and dance 




A little about the history of Tango in Stockholm 

The old guard

What would be the story without its founders, its pioneers, its predecessors? In Stockholm the tango is danced as a popular phenomenon more than 25 years. In this space it is impossible to mention all those who left us the beautiful heritage of tango. However, the most outstanding name is often named as the leading pioneer Oscar is Prada.

See Historicals videos and more about the Tango in Stockholm